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AVIivaPlus is a powerful AVI, QuickTime, and MPEG presentation tool. Just tell it which video files you want to view and the order in which to view them. AVIivaPlus will play the specified videos in sequence. AVIivaPlus has many features for controlling the way in which videos are played such as loop play, reverse play, sound on/off, volume control, windowed or full-screen display, user-defined frame rate (-80 to 80 FPS, including fractional FPS to as slow as 11 seconds per frame) and step rate, user-defined start and end frames, scaling (with or without maintaining aspect ratio), constant settings and/or display across videos, user modifiable settings for each individual video file, and save/load settings capability. You can view the current settings for each video file in a spreadsheet-like grid. Also, you can view the current progress, total video length, and beginning/ending points in time units as well as frame units.

Videos are played in a separate window from the program interface. This allows you to hide the program interface while viewing your presentation. Because of this, AVIivaPlus has the ability to control playback options via the keyboard so it is not necessary to bring the control panel forward to make changes. Also, many settings are shown in panels on a status bar at the bottom of the video window. Settings can be changed by clicking these panels.

The AVIivaPlus zip file contains all the runtime files you will need, so there is no need to download other files. The program runs under Windows 95 or higher. The Windows standard setup is used for installation. There is a free evaluation period of 30 days. The shareware fee is $20 if you decide to continue using it. You may pay by check or money order via US Mail (see AVIivaPlus help file for more information). You can pay via credit card using Register Now! Just use the link below. Registering AVIivaPlus entitles you to free upgrades forever.


  • AVIivaPlus v1.00 received a 4-star (of 5) rating from ZDNet.
  • AVIiva v3.00 included on a CD-ROM packaged with the book Easy Digital Video: The Beginners Guide to Everything Digital, published by Abacus in 1998. Instructions for its use included in the text of the book.
  • AVIiva v3.00 received a 6-duck (of 6) rating from NONAGS Web site.
  • AVIiva v2.00 listed in Best 1001 Free Downloads in June 1997 PC Computing.
  • AVIiva v2.00 received a 3-smiley face (of 4) rating from RocketDownload Web site.
  • AVIiva v2.00 received a 6-duck (of 6) rating from NONAGS Web site.


Download File Size Price Registration
AVIivaPlus v1.00 2.12 MB $20